It's Never Too Late To Work For Your Goals | Kristi Brewer

Sep 14, 2020, 12:44 PM
Kristi Brewer: “To me it comes down to what do you want more? I want weightlifting more than I want a social life, more than I want to watch tv--I haven't watched tv in 18 years. I want/need to lose 2lbs, more than I want that cake or cookie. It literally comes down to what you want more. Priorities. 

My biggest pet peeve is when people say “I don't have time.” Do you want to know who doesn't have time?” I don't have time.  I train to be an elite athlete, I have an autistic child, I have another child in sports and social life, my husband is a medical doctor he works 7:30am-7:30pm….so when people say they don’t have time. It literally comes down to what you want. You will make time for the people and things you want.”

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Kristi Brewer, A mom of two girls, a wife, a teacher through a pandemic, a part time CPA, an elite weightlifter, an all around badA in life, joins BSP CEO, Alyssa Ritchey, to discuss how she handles Kalea's autism, training for weightlifitng, hustling her kids to practices, her diet, plus:

Kristi’s story from pregnancy until present. 

From corporate America to being a mom to becoming a world class athlete.

How do you manage your emotions when your autistic daughter, Kalea, loses control?

Kalea’s autism.

Being an elite athlete and being a mom.

Time blocking.

Asking for help.

How does being a supermom transfer to being an athlete on the stage?

From Crossfit to weightlifting.

Age stigma. 

Body image.

Diet regimen.

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