Co-sleeping and the torture of no sleep, covid tests for kids, and eating out

Sep 15, 2020, 09:09 AM
This week the dads, Ger Gilroy, Dave McIntyre, Adrian Barry and Nathan Murphy, talk about the absence of sleep and why it is a proper form of torture. Also where do you stand on co-sleeping? The kicks to the face, the shouting in your face, the constant terror of being awoken by a head-butt from the crown of an alien life-form in your bed. Sounds awesome right?

An anonymous but friendly listener also chastises us for our plans around going out to eat. We need to be more disciplined and make an effort, and stop allowing our kids to ruin our lives. Good advice or pie in the sky?

There's a story of a week lost in school to a Covid test, a dysfunctional testing process and the grim reality that this is likely to be everyone's existence for the next few months as the coughs go around and around and around. Like Nirvana crooned - "pass it back and forth, from my mouth to yours..." That lyric may be misremembered but I'm blaming it on a lack of sleep.

Dadcast also ponders the question about how much information is too much? What are the words and concepts to explain racism, Trump, Covid etc to your kids and how much should you shield them from?

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