Linda’s Treetop Adventure

Sep 15, 2020, 04:00 PM

Join Linda and tour guide Connie on an Armchair Adventure up to a magical treetop walk.

“I put my boots and my rucksack on, and I’m out in the open. Wind in my hair feeling,!”

Linda loves walking and exploring the great outdoors. But because of the lockdown she's sadly not been able to get out as much.  So Linda turns to Armchair Adventures for an unforgettable and fun-packed journey - without leaving the comfort of her own living room! 

Join Linda, your tour guide Connie and her lovely customers on an Armchair Adventure up to a magical treetop walk full of beautiful birds, wild creatures and delicious fruit! Who needs that holiday to Lanzarote anyway eh Linda?

Are you ready to act, sing or dance along? Share your imagination, listen to this podcast episode on your own or with your friends and family! 

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Armchair Adventures is brand-new colourful, fictional and interactive podcast series about Connie and her gang of plucky explorers - and YOU can come along on the adventure too.

Armchair Adventures is for children, teachers, imaginative older people, carers and activity coordinators. It is designed to bring people together, combat loneliness and improve wellbeing – helping people stay happy and healthy. 


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Armchair Adventures is a Made By Mortals production.
In collaboration with Hearts and Minds, a theatre company for over 55s. 

The next episode is out 11th December 2020!