9/18 - Good Luck Buying a PS5 this Holiday Season

Sep 18, 2020, 02:00 PM

We're back with some gaming news! This week's topics include: Sony's PS5 presentation, the 3DS has finally died, and the Switch is getting two new monster hunter games!

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Show notes:

00:00 - Intro
1:42 - Trivia: how much would it cost to buy everything on steam?
4:13 - Topics
6:11 - Sony’s PS5 Event happened yesterday! What was revealed?
9:13 - F’s in the chat, Nintendo ends production of the 3DS
13:39 - The Navy made war crime jokes on a Twitch Stream https://kotaku.com/navy-twitch-stream-spirals-out-of-control-due-to-slur-1845051780
18:54 - Let’s talk about the absolute fiasco preordering a PS5 was yesterday
23:18 - Oculus Quest 2 leaked and you can preorder it for $299
27:36 - Nintendo has a direct mini this morning with some surprisingly big announcements
31:08 - The reason Gods and Monsters has a new, terrible name: Monster Energy Drink sued them
35:51 - You can look at AMD’s new video card in… fortnite?
37:11 - Hey, have you ever wanted to ride a pikachu? Now you can!
39:14 - The Winner is…
40:42 - Closing and Plugs