#11 How do we become more inclusive? A discussion with Jackie Anyango & Ruth Finlayson from Skanska UK.

Sep 20, 06:00 PM

Each one. Reach One. The theme for this years National Inclusion Week which runs from 28th September to 4 October 2020.

In celebration of this years theme Scaffold Coaching are proud as punch to team up with one of our clients Skanska UK  to host a discussion on how employers and employees can co-create more inclusive workplace environments, with a focus on construction and STEM industries.

In this week's episode Rachael is joined by Ruth Finlayson from Skanska's women's network (Ruth.Finlayson@skanska.co.uk) and Jackie Anyango Chair of Skanska UK's BAME+ network (jackie.anyango@skanska.co.uk).

Ruth's Leadership Essentials

  1. Aim for a good "work-life balance"
  2. Encourage a good mentorship structure
  3. Whatever your passion: Keep fighting for what you want
Jackie's Leadership Essentials

  1. What do you stand for? Be your authentic self
  2. Engage with others to understand their true "lived experience"
  3. Speak up; give people opportunities to learn, encourage those around you.