Stagecoach + Made in Hong Kong

Sep 23, 2020, 05:00 PM
Which movie would you put in a space capsule for aliens to watch? That's the question we've put to you this week - knowing that, for a lot of people, it would be our Film of the Week. A thematically appropriate one, too, since John Ford's Stagecoach is more than accustomed to travelling across vast, hostile territory. The film that made John Wayne a star and birthed every Western cliche ever, how well does it hold up?

In Off the Shelf, Graham takes a look at a new Blu-Ray from Eureka Masters of Cinema - Fruit Chan's Made in Hong Kong. A low-key take of aspiring neighbourhood criminals, it was the first film made in post-British-colony Hong Kong, and boy is it ever an interesting time to talk about that. Join us next week when - we can now confirm - our Film of the Week will be Bill and Ted Face the Music! Probably!

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