“Some people just aren't willing to do the things I do” | Jo Aita

Sep 22, 2020, 12:30 PM
Jo Aita: “Some people just aren't willing to do the things I do”

I truly believe that just because you don’t have the followers on social media or well known doesn’t define your success as a human being.  Which is why I, bsp CEO, sits down with Joanne Aita, a coach, a mother, and a 50 year old masters athlete in powerlifting & weightlifting, to discuss what she has done overtime in athletics as a coach and an athlete, and the type of woman you want to get to know plus:

Background in both sports of weightlifting and powerlifting.

How has your training developed and changed over time since you have gotten older?

Her Recovery Techniques: Tai chi. ART massage. Fish oil. ZMA. epsom salt baths. Ice. contrast showers. Acupuncture. Mobility. Stretching.

Her Injuries in Sports.

Her intense warm up.

Her Training Duration; How often & how long?

Jo asked me a question about my future in weightlifting.

Jo and Max in the backroom.

How Jo takes an athlete through the last few days of their weight cut.

Alyssa’s last 48 hours of weight cut.

Reconstitution after final weigh-ins. How long does it take to get rehydrated after a sauna or hot bath during your last few hours of a weight cut before you compete.

Why Pedialyte & not gatorade OR should I do both? What food should I eat?

Discovering your hashimoto’s. How has it impacted her life?

Her miscarriages due to Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease.

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