Steve Arora on 2021 reinsurance renewals, property cat, casualty market, and specialty reinsurance

Episode 28,   Sep 22, 2020, 03:04 PM

In today's instalment of The Best Policy during #REinsuranceMonth, we are joined by Steve Arora, chief executive officer of Axis Re.

We start by asking our guest what are the major themes that have arisen during his discussions in the virtual conference world ahead of the 2021 reinsurance renewals, and whether any surprises have come up.

Regarding the property catastrophe market, Steve shares his thoughts on what changes are needed and why the industry needs to see improvements around the world rather than just in specific geographies.

There is also discussion on the casualty market, in particular how much of a concern social inflation is and whether the continued improvements in the underlying business are sufficient to help improve the profitability of reinsurers’ quota share portfolios.

We also hear Steve’s thoughts on the specialty reinsurance sectors, and how much of an impact the expected tightening in the retro market in 2021 will have on Axis Re.

Finally, we explore what areas of opportunity Steve and his colleagues see on the horizon, and whether there are any specific areas of the market that have caught their interest.