ONE FEATURE.... to get a Musician or Celebrity to NOTICE You on Instagram

Sep 22, 2020, 04:57 PM
Get a Musician or Celebrity idol to NOTICE You on Instagram 

I bet you're wondering how to get a musician to Reply to your Comment? Or how to get your idols attention? 

Full disclaimer, this tactic is for on the rise celebrities to notice you on Instagram, not neccessarily the biggest artists in the world. But the concept still applies! 

The easiest way to get a musician or celebrity to reply on Instagram is to SHOW UP FIRST. You always hear people request to TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS so you get a heads up when they post. 

This is exactly why.... 

In 120 seconds for this debut episode of Two Minute Tip Tuesday I'm going to show you: 

  1. What are Instagram Post Notifications
  2. How to get a celebrity to notice you on Instagram
  3. What to say to get a musician to reply to your comment on Instagram
  4. How to get featured on Pinned Comments 

Hope you like this quick video!