Chris Kermode talks the Professional Triathletes Organisation's big plans and the ATP with Sam Renouf

Sep 24, 2020, 05:00 AM

Endurance sport takes centre stage on this week's podcast as SportsPro editor at large Eoin Connolly welcomes the Professional Triathletes Organisation's (PTO) chief executive Sam Renouf and vice chairman Chris Kermode (04:03).

After launching in January 2020, having secured significant capital from Crankstart Investments, the PTO is looking to improve commercial prospects for triathletes. Here, Eoin, Sam and Chris discuss triathlon's commercial and broadcast potential, its financial backing, adapting to Covid-19 and differentiating PTO events from other sports. 

Chris also reflects on his time as executive chairman and president of the  Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and what drew him to his new role at the PTO (36:40). 

Music: Surf Inspector by Kevin MacLeod