Episode 9 - We Should Spend More Time Talking about Rocks with Professor Christopher Jackson

Sep 23, 2020, 04:58 PM

Chris Jackson is professor of Geoscience at Imperial College London and this year is presenting one of the RI's Christmas lectures.

Welcome back to a sit down with a scientist! When Chris was announced as one of this year's presenters of the Royal Institution's Christmas lectures it drew a lot of people's attention to quite how big a representation science still has and why science is still such a hostile place. But the biggest thing which stuck with me after sitting down with Chris was that, like most scientists, he just wants to get on with doing science, which in his case is studying how the earth itself has evolved as well as the cool geoscience that gets on TV (Tsunamis, Volcanoes and Earthquakes!).

From resolving science's accessibility issues with projects like EarthArXiv to how we can understand climate change by studying the earth beneath our feet and why there isn't some special characteristic which makes a good scientist Chris' answers were thought provoking and left me struggling to piece together any semblance of a response.

Having chatted with Chris this is the first year I will be watching the Royal Institution Christmas lectures.

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