Does China fear that Trump will win the election? @AlanTonelson @USBIC1

Sep 24, 2020, 03:05 AM
Image: 1904

Royal Prince Pu Lun, future emperor of China, guest of Indianapolis, Ind., week of May 17th, 1904


Alan Tonelson, @AlanTonelson   @USBIC1, independent economic policy analyst who blogs at RealityChek and tweets at @AlanTonelson, and Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, in re: Crude oil, 9000,000 Bbl/day. Forbes author, Dan Eberhart, is CEO of a major O&G from: China has decided to step up crude oil purchases from the US to show Trump that China is trying to keep the terms of the January agreement.  Suggests that China fears that Trump will win the election.  Chose crude oil: LNG purchases have lagged, but even as the world is awash in crude oil, so this is an especially strong signal from China in an effort to stay on President Trump’s good side.  In WWII, Japan couldn’t protect sea routes to oil; similar to China’s current situation, as China eels strikingly vulnerable.  Other major fears: inadequate food and water. (Much of its limited water is heavily polluted.)