Treat life like cats - What I learned this week

Sep 24, 2020, 08:56 PM

Life has a funny way of teaching you stuff and the last few months have taught me a lot but instead of trying to share it with you in 4 hours worth of me talking I'm just giving the bits and pieces that make sense to me in the moment😅
I've been downloading a lot lately and I feel like I'm a conduit again where the work is just coming through me not from me and it's a great place to be in. I had a weird blip where I wasn't myself for a few months. I refer to it as a wobble like when you're learning how to ride your bike, and now I'm back💪🏾
I'm seeing the direction I want to go in clearer than ever because I have changed the priorities in my life. Things that no longer make sense for me financially, fun-nancially (more important), emotionally, spiritually have and will be removed unapologetically because that's what you do when you love something or someone - you create the best environment for them to flourish in🥰
I am flourishing because my focus is back on my own grass instead of looking at potentially greener future grasses I could have. My grass right now is incredible but I wouldn't eat it lol. How's your grass and how are you?😇