SpaceX Starship explodes successfully while Blue Origin New Shepherd scrubs. Bob Zimmerman

Sep 26, 04:02 AM
Image:  SpaceX  (Falcon 9/COTS 2 Launch, DD026-203 2012-2928)

Robert Zimmerman, BehindtheBlack,com, in re: Starship SpaceX blew up “like a shaken soda pop can.”  . . .  Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin New Shepherd is a disappointment. Used to have young, wonderfully creative engineers who accomplished a lot, but Bezos replaced them with elders, experienced engineers from Big Space, who require umpteen tests, move along slowly, have all the bad habits of NASA.  . . .  Axiom has a deal with NASA to use its own modules.  Axiom and SpaceX have teamed up. . . .  Tom Cruise and his [main aide] are said to have signed up for a flight.  The Jules Verne Baltimore Gun Club. 
       Prohibition in 1919 didn't work out well; California’s ban on all gas-powered vehicles by 2035 and move to electric vehicles  [Where do you think the electricity comes from?]