Is Your Golf Swing Half fast

Sep 27, 01:00 PM
Do You Have A Half Fast Golf Swing? Probably. In the search for more distance we try many things from buying new clubs that promise more distance, to golf balls that promise more distance, to swing techniques that promise more distance. See the pattern formining here? we all want more distance and too often fall for scams that seem to good to be true. There is one fool proof way to guarantee more distance: a faster head speed. But you still ahve to maintain center face contact and all those other elements first. Jeff explains as only the number one golf instructor in the state if Indiana can. Also, we talk to Rafeal Fernandez, the head honcho at RZN Golf. They first developed the RZN technology Nike used in their golf balls but now RZN has improved on that technology and have released their own balls, all of them comparable in performance to the most expensive balls yet they all retail for less. save money and give up no performance. What a deal! Another fun, funny, and informative hour guaranteed to help both your mood and your golf game. listen