Dramatic Deliveries (with Justin Wayne Lynn)

Season 1, Episode 1,  Aug 26, 2020, 07:46 PM

We meant to record a short PSA about our podcast feed, and then we couldn't stop tangenting and talked for 90 minutes! You're welcome. Topics include manual strangulation, the camera work on The Sopranos, Pop Tarts, Norm Lewis, birds, and how hot Justin is.

 Strains smoked this episode: Black Cherry by Elevation, Glucifer by Cowlitz Gold

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Intro/Outro: Shark Under a Tarpaulin by Exquisite Frosting Penmanship (https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Exquisite_Frosting_Penmanship/Transistor_Rodeo/Exquisite_Frosting_Penmanship_-_Transistor_Rodeo_EP_-_06_Shark_Under_A_Tarpaulin) Licensed under Creative Commons