Going BANKRUPT Didn't Stop Her - ENERGYbits Founder, Catharine Arnston

Oct 01, 01:00 PM
After building a corporate career for 30 years, Catharine Arnston decided to leave and become an entrepreneur. Her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at the time and the doctors recommended her to eat an alkaline diet to heal. Catharine put her career on hold to help her sister and in the process, discovered the world's most nutrient-dense food, algae. She had no previous experience in nutrition, nor did she have any capital to start the business. But that didn't stop her, as her passion fuelled her to change the world.

Get ready to be inspired as we discuss:
1) How She Started Her Business With NO MONEY
2) What To Do When You Feel Like GIVING UP
3) The Health Benefits Of SPIRULINA & CHLORELLA
4) The DETOX & CLEANSE Benefits Of Algae

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