Biden says Trump failed to bring jobs back from China; true, yet his US manufacturing record is very good. @AlanTonelson

Oct 01, 2020, 02:43 AM
Image:  Mrs. Israel Thorndike (Sarah Dana) was the daughter of the Reverend Joseph Dana of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Her husband was a China-trade merchant.
—George Lethbridge Saunders (1807–1863)

Alan Tonelson, @AlanTonelson, independent economic policy analyst who blogs at RealityChek; and Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, in re: Joe Biden last night saying Trump hasn't brought any manufacturing back to America. Not too much evidence that jobs left the US to go to China are returning due to Mr Trump’s trade policy; however, there’s a heavy burden of proof on Biden’s supporter that the vice president, if elected, could do much about it.  Trump’s mfring record is much better than that of the previous administration. One big reason has been major turnabouts on trade and also on the regulatory front.  Unions have become so thoroughly committed to the Democratic party for decades that they’ve marginalized themselves.  One can ask, Why did the Obama-Biden administration make hardly any progress in these?

      Chinese media say “Obama would be smoother than Biden”; but I believe that Trump’s unpredictability may appeal to their desire for [chaos].  . . .  Just because a country may be a national-security ally doesn’t mean that they’ll make urgently-need products available, as we learned early in the flu emergency.  . . .  Chinese have taken US pols, like Biden, to the cleaners for decades.  Going back decades, he’s been in the friend-of-China camp.  

Here's Navarro's take earlier this month: