Importance of Positive Interactions | Rosemary Morris

Oct 05, 04:00 AM
Rosemary has been Involved at the elite level of basketball for more than 30 years – as a referee at WNBL and SEABL level for 19 years – The first female to referee Men’s games at the elite level. She has been coaching juniors in VJBL for 20 years; Assistant coach at SEABL Level and Development Coach for Melbourne Tigers NBL.

0:00 Introduction
7:34 Acceptance in the Men’s game
13:50 Parents’ “Ambition”
19:42 Changes post-COVID
24:04 Upcoming Changes
33:53 Lack of Funding
43:13 Positive Interactions
54:18 Undervalued Referees
58:22 Mentorship
1:08:06 Conclusion

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