Larrikin Love - Coz Kerrigan on The Freedom Spark, burning out, and that mythical Thamesbeat scene

Episode 26,  Oct 03, 2020, 05:00 AM

Larrikin Love burned briefly but brightly and their brilliance is reflected in the fact they have been the most-requested interview by The Boys in the Band Podcast listeners since we launched. We're delighted to chat with drummer Coz Kerrigan about their story.

From the early days deciding to start a band at a The Others gig and the 'Coz Kerrigan Clause 24' in their record label deal due to him being just 17, through to their acclaimed album and the reasons for their split, we hear it all.

Coz also chats about the great friendships the band struck up with fellow indie stars the Mystery Jets and Jamie T, picks out his favourite tracks, and relives some standout shows.

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*Recorded on 29 September 2020*