Clear Channel Presents Cephas Williams: Part One

Oct 08, 2020, 11:46 PM
In this episode co-hosts, Caroline Forbes and Lucy McKillop, interview Cephas Williams - founder of 56 Black Men and long-time friend to Clear Channel. The topics covered are broad and serious. We’re not going to dress this up – it’s an intense listen. 

As we approach the launch of his new campaign, Cephas goes deeper into his thoughts about the importance of positive representation of Black men in the mainstream media among many, many other things. The three also have some thought-provoking exchanges around the Black Lives Matter movement, and George Floyd’s murder. It’s not going to be a laugh a minute. But it is an incredibly important, and pertinent listen for Black History Month 2020.

This is part one of the interview – part two is to come later this year.