Ep. 5: Relationship, NOT Religion (Part 1)

Jan 10, 2020, 09:46 AM
Tell me if you've noticed this too... For some reason it seems *People are frustrated with God *The youth is bored with religious church practices *A great deal of people are tired of hearing and doing the same things year in, year out *Millennials are sick of seeing hypocrites who are quick to judge others' shortcomings... There is a repulsion to religion, and I get why! All along, the focus has been on RELIGION, and not much emphasis has been placed on RELATIONSHIP. This week's episode is a pour out of my heart; I'm making a claim that not even God is interested in RELIGION. All He cares about is RELATIONSHIP, and I use the 10 COMMANDMENTS (yes, you read that right) to prove to you that what we thought is religion all this time, is actually not! Have a listen. Website: www.mpumikmbonane.com. Instagram: @mpumikmbonane. LinkedIn: Nompumelelo Mbonane. Email: info@mpumikmbonane.com.