Conversations With Dez - Per Kroll, Senior Director of R&D, Broadcom Mainframe Division

Oct 07, 04:57 AM
I recently caught up with Per Kroll, Senior Director of R&D, Broadcom Mainframe Division, to talk about #AI Ops, Mainframes and connecting Mainframes to the Cloud, the latest news and trends within the Mainframe and related tech and business markets, and what's new inside the Mainframe Division of Broadcom, in particular, the world of Research and Development which Per heads up.
We kick off the conversation by getting to know Per as he shares some amazing anecdotes around his early years in life and work, from his academic and working career, and what drove him to get into AI Ops and the Mainframe world.
We then discuss key topics around how the Mainframe creates a better Hybrid Cloud - and the shifts enabling it. Per has spent most of his career on distributed side, and over the last 6 years, he led the evolution of DevOps and AIOps solutions for the Mainframe - with all of that in mind, Per shares what he sees are the key trends that you have observed on the mainframe over the last few years.
Per also shares his thoughts around Contextual Insight - the ability to make sense of disparate information, and how the mainframe is a foundational computing platform for the digital economy, because the ability for the mainframe to handle extreme workloads without any disruptions, Per also expands on the role of AIOps, and why it is growing in popularity.
Also discussed is the journey towards self-healing systems - an incremental path, and people are “always selling it”? what’s possible today VS the path forward. Per outlines why when people talk about AIOps, they often talk about self-healing systems, and his perspective on what is reality vs fiction in the world of self-healing systems - Per also shares his take on key steps organisations can take to "get started" down this path.
We wrap up with Per sharing his views on what's coming over the horizon over the next 3 to 5 years, in particular around the evolution in terms of AIOps, DevOps, Openness has gone so fast over the last few years, which has created a gap between how the average Mainframe customer is operating and what is possible.
One of the key take aways Per shares is his hope, and what he thinks will happen, is that the early adopters will showcase what is possible on a large scale, and that will accelerate the adoption among the Early Majority and the Late Majority - as he says, in the words of Geoffrey Moore, he expects the big thing happening over the next few years is that we will cross the chasm for a number of the technologies and solutions we talked about today.
Tune in now for all of these amazing topics and more.
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