The Getaway (1972) + Miss Virginia

Oct 07, 2020, 05:02 PM
Graham and Rob hit the road in a stolen car - figuratively, in case our mums are listening to this - to review Sam Peckinpah's 1970s crime classic The Getaway. Starring Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw, written by Walter Hill and Jim Thompson, and with didgeridoos by Quincy Jones, it's got a hell of a pedigree.

At the notably less scuzzy end of cinema, Graham reviews the inspirational activist biopic Miss Virginia, with Uzo Aduba, and we discuss historical periods and events we'd like to see more movies about. Pop Screen is coming in 2021, but Cinema Eclectica isn't going quietly - the next two Director's Lotteries have been picked, and they're amazing! Listen to find out more...

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