The Coaching Mistake Everyone Makes

Oct 07, 2020, 09:35 PM

No one paid attention to anything I was posting a few years ago and it all relates to sandwiches.

See, when I want a sandwich I want it already made so I can just bite into it and eat it - job done. But if I had a choice to assemble it myself or eat a ready-made one - I'd go with the one that's already made. This is a similar analogy to the way I was creating my written/video/audio posts - it's like the audience is having to assemble the sandwich when all they want to do is be fed! Having to assemble the sandwich is the equivalent of asking the audience a bunch of questions from the beginning of the post all the way through to the end whereas feeding it to them or at least putting it on a plate for them to eat is telling your story and saving the questions as a call to action at the end. I had such a hard time trying to find people to talk to because all my posts sounded like bad TV ads - "Do you struggle with confidence?" it just sounds like I've got something to sell and it was a massive discredit to the intimacy and power of the nature of coaching.

Telling stories from the heart is what has people connect with me and it's the main reason why I actually enjoy creating content! I love to talk (in case you hadn't realized) and I hate having to sell, so I choose not to.

Today's video is all about how you structure your posts, if you apply what I talk about here you will have no problem when it comes to finding people to have coaching conversations with.

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