Why does Gavin Newsom propose to pay reparations in the always-Free State of California? @VDHanson @HooverInst

Oct 09, 03:03 AM
Image:   African American man wearing fraternal order collar and apron / A.C. Golsh, 411 Main St., opp. Pico House, Los Angeles, Cal.

Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover, in re:   The possibility of California paying reparations to Black Americans.   In 1850, the admission of Free-State California nearly started a civil war.  It's always been a free state.  Currently, it's the most multiracial state in the Union: 27% of the population wasn’t born in this country; the plan is that we’ll pay reparations to 6% of the population. We’re $60 billion in debt.  We’ve lost 4 million acres to forest fires and put five years’ worth of carbon in the air.  Is Governor Gavin Newsom looking forward to the African American vote when he runs for president?  [Yes, of course.] Newsom was delinquent on his own property taxes, a quarter-million dollars. “Charter schools are bad,” “walls are bad,” but my children are in private schools, and I do need walls around my own home.