With Kate Moryoussef on Forgiveness

Oct 09, 2020, 04:25 PM

Janey speaks with EFT and forgiveness expert Kate Moryoussef on the importance of Forgiveness for ourselves and others

Its World Mental Health day on 10th October, are you holding on to resentment which is exacerbating stress and anxiety?  Forgiveness should be taught in schools, its essential and often once we have ditched the booze we start to recognise past hurts that are still having an impact on our lives.  Kate Moryoussef is an EFT expert and Forgiveness coach and she explains the therapeutic benefits of forgiveness and also, importantly being able to be compassionate and forgiving of ourselves - not always easy if we have behaved badly during our drinking career!

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One participant from last week said...
'Wow I’ve just returned from a much needed weekend away with a group of incredibly inspiring people and many whom I feel will be lifelong friends . So much beautiful connection , honesty and raw , emotional conversation. Thank you for so much genuine support that has reminded me of why I don’t need alcohol in my life'  P D

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