The Ambition Hour Podcast- EP 141: Create Your Own Magic ft. Nikki B

Oct 10, 04:00 AM
Welcome Kings and Queens to Episode 141!!! This week we have the honor to have Author, Celebrity Baker, Mother, Wife, and Entrepreneur Nikki Bryan in the building!!! We spoke about her upcoming book "Create Your Own Magic" and how she came about it and how manifestation has been a great part in her life. We speak on how as a mother she has taught her son about affirmations and protecting his energy. This Queen even teaches us how to manifest for our Kings, ladies get ready to take notes (we saw her wedding ring soooooo you might wanna listen) Nikki also shares her personal manifestation story about her Bakery and how it flourished within the past year. Of course we share some laughs talk about music her vision board workshops and more! make sure to tune in!!
Visit Nikki's website to pre order "Create Your Own Magic" get affirmations sent to your phone, her blog and so much more!
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