A Gay Couples Story About In Vitro Fertilization To Have A Child | Cassidy & Aly McWherter

Oct 12, 2020, 01:00 PM
Cassidy McWherter: "Worth every single shot for our little miracle."

Cassidy McWherter, a 6-time Crossfit Games athlete, a mother, and the owner of two gyms, Crossfit Waterside & Waterside Elite, joins BSP CEO, Alyssa Ritchey, to discuss how she and her wife went through the ups and the downs of IVF to have their baby boy plus:

Who is Cassidy McWherter?

How she met her Wife Aly.

Who carried the baby? Why?

Will there be another baby and who will carry. Whose eggs will be used?

Aly explains IUI versus IVF.

Talk about the entire process of In-vitro.

Finding out IVF worked.

Nutrition & exercise during the process of IVF & her pregnancy.

One Day | Our Personal Guide to IVF

Where can everyone follow Cassidy McWherter’s, Aly’s, and Oakley’s Journey:

Gym contact: Cassidy@crossfitwaterside.com 

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