It's a perfect storm for agri-tech startups, say experts

Oct 12, 2020, 11:45 AM
The backbone of the Indian Economy, the Agricultural sector, a sector which has not necessarily got so much investors love in the past, seems to be catching up fast due to its unprecedented growth amid the COVID-19 crisis. Innovative Indian Agri-tech start-ups are joining the game and providing balance to the agricultural ecosystem by maximizing productivity, increasing supply chain efficiency and, and improving market linkage. Initiatives like ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’, digital access to farmers, overarching reforms, and government support has empowered the farmer by giving him access to information, inputs, and financial support. Estimates for June quarter reported a contraction of 23.9 per cent in national GDP, but agriculture was the only sector to have reported positive growth. In this dispatch of Mint startup diaries, we do a deep decode on opportunities, challenges and new frontiers emerging in the Agri space. Listen to this episode for more.