Eric Zane Show Podcast Ep 445 Getting Roasted on Who Are These Podcasts

Oct 12, 03:07 PM

A daily (M-F), rant-filled comedy podcast to discuss news, nonsense and Eric's personal adventures.

*Mom's still struggling with COVID.  Wally is doing great.
*The show got blistered by the guys from
Who Are These Podcasts.  I reviewed their review!
*I dive a little deeper on the plot by the Michigan scuz who were plotting to kidnap and kill the governor.
*Whitmer goes after Trump for inciting these morons.  I agree with her!
*My wife, Diana appeared to be having some sort of breakdown last night this morning after an incident Friday night.  Not really, but when you hear what happened, it'll make sense.
*Some big things happened in sports! 
Dak Prescott's ankle was muppitty, flitppity, crackitty, cruchitty. 
Lebron celebrates NBA title be talking about himself and by telling world to respect him. 
*Tom Brady shows he's human with ridiculous moment on the field last week.
*A dude records a silly
TikTok vid and is catapulted to super stardom! 
*Two dudes get into a
fight on the front lawn and it might be two of the worst fighters, ever.
*An amazing choke slam...unfortunately, the vid has been taken down.

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