Eric Zane Show Podcast Ep 447 Hilarious baseball post game press conferences

Oct 14, 03:09 PM
*Fired up today!  How could I not be?  Jocko Willink has me running through walls.  I love
"jocko motivation."
*Local domestic terrorist supporter and sheriff of Barry County,
Dar Leaf is still on the hot seat.
*Uptight hag
running for office in my community loves two of the terror suspects in Michigan.  May have been DP'd by the Nunn brothers.
*Funny moments from the Braves/ Dodgers press conference.  Walker Buhler of the Dodgers
stormed out of a press conference when a reporter asked him about his tight pants.
*While talking old school baseball pants being tight, a basketball card of Kelly Tripuka with his
exposed ball meat came up.
*Braves pitcher Mark Melancon is asked horrible, rambling, incoherent sentence by reporter David O'Brien. 
Melancon responds appropriately.
*11 year old shithead
steals bus and goes on joyride!
*Who doesn't love "dog costume contest?"  I'm judging one for Harbor Humane. 
Here's the details.  Come hang with me, the fam and my dogs.
*Kraft Heinz put out an ad campaign encouraging people to send Kraft Mac and Cheese.  It was a cheeky campaign where they actually said, "Send Noods."  America's army of
hyper bitch hippy-moms took time away from growing their massive muffs to raise 10 kinds of hell about it.
*For a change, I responded not so negatively to something and am now benefitting from it.  What a concept!

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