Undermine Hong Kong’s liberty by moving power to the unbeautiful Shenzhen. @GordonGChang, @Michael_Yon

Oct 15, 02:33 AM
Image:   Windows of the World, Shenzhen

Michael Yon: @Michael_Yon , East Asia reporter; and Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, in re:  Repression of Hong Kong by the Mainland authorities; and Xi Jinping’s intention to take HK down a notch, to be replaced in finance by Shanghai and industry in Shenzhen.   Mainland officials have long been jealous of HK.  Xi gave a speech in Shenzhen about how Shenzhen is the future. Undermine HK across the board.  Shenzhen has been an ATM for China.  Trying to change history curriculum in schools: force children to learn Mandarin, not Cantonese (cultural genocide); and overwhelm HK population with Mainland immigrants.

       First, establish control by making HK less important. It's not its prosperity, but its culture of liberty and foreign population that alarm Xi.  Xi is destroying Hong Kong’s British legal system.