The disintegration of the politics and the media of a republic under siege. @VDHanson

Oct 16, 02:48 AM
Image:1942 New York, New York. Waiting to buy tickets at the Radio City Music Hall

Victor Davis Hanson: @VDHanson; Hoover Institution, in re:  The fragmenting of our civilization.  They thought they’d be exempt from the virus by religiously wearing masks and following the protocols. In fact, about 75% of those found positive had carefully worn masks.
     Hillary cooked up the dossier;  . . .  these guys are so sanctimonious, but they have so much to hide. Hunter Biden: “Unlike Pop, I don't make you give half of everything to me.”
     Scully of CSPAN claimed that his correspondence with Scaramucci was hacked, then acknowledged that it hadn't been.
     “I’ve spent most of my professional life with academics and media people, and they’re not impressive, to be exact.”  This hacking defense is so old by now.  They all did it and think we’re stupid.