Why has the FBI possessed the Biden server since last winter? @AndrewCMcCarthy @NRO

Oct 16, 02:49 AM

Director Clarence Kelley, FBI. Heros Heroes, Inc. Luncheon

Andrew C McCarthy, @AndrewCMcCarthy, Ball of Collusion; in re: Hunter Biden: we’re told that the lap top is in the possession of the FBI, and said to contain damaging info about Hunter.  FBI is not supposed to take possession of anything unless it; being investigation.  Why did the FBI and US Attorneys Ofc in Delaware have it?  There’s supposed to be a predication for investigation. Grand Jury date was December 17, 2019. A lot of questions about why the government had the information and did nothing but see that it didn't see the light of day; it was relevant to the impeachment of the president of the United States.
     I see a lot of backscratching and pay-to-play that smack of abuse of power, but can't find relevant sections of penal code.   Here, looks a though Hunter basically said, “I’m his son; pay me.”  Yes, except there’s evidence of narcotics use on the videos in the laptop.  
     Biden’s campaign: “No record of any official meeting with a Ukrainian.”  But no response that the tales are fake.  
     Same ambiguous language with Chinese correspondence, and with the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.  Is it illegal to take money from foreign powers?  Yes -  FARA (Foreign Agt Registration Act), need to register with the Justice Dept; and plain bribery, which is a crime if you can prove a quid pro quo.  Sophisticated people usually provide enough deniability.