Lucy Cleland, Editorial Director, Country & Town House

Oct 16, 09:00 AM

Michael speaks to editor and founding director of Country & Town House, Lucy Cleland the monthly magazine and go-to destination for trusted, inspiring and uplifting content – described as ‘diverse’, ‘beautifully presented’ and ‘essential’. This is an interview about ‘the good life’ and the approach the magazine takes to help people live it, involving mindfulness, connecting with nature and living ethically. Lucy also offers her views on the magazine and media industry in 2020, how she has pivoted the magazine in an increasingly digital world, and what the pandemic has done to help us uncover the best of Britain.

Founding editor of Country & Town House, Lucy Cleland has been in the glossy magazine business for around 20 years, and divides her time between the glamour of Acton and the mud and wellies of the New Forest with her husband and two children. She founded Country & Town House with her husband back in 2007, a year before the huge financial crash – originally launched as Country House, before rebranding. Sustainability is also a passion of Lucy's and this summer, she pledged that 25% of the magazine's content would reflect the ways we should learn to live – whether that's the brands we buy, how we consume things or the way we travel.