PTSMN Episode 6 - Exploring Chiropractic Care with Dr. Mark Pappenfus

Episode 6,  Oct 16, 2020, 06:48 PM

In this episode of the PTSMN Health & Wellness Podcast, we talk with Dr. Mark Pappenfus about his journey as the original doctor of chiropractic medicine at PTSMN. Like many of the providers at PTSMN, Dr. Pappenfus walks the walk and has a passion for health and fitness. Dr. Pappenfus and I go over how chiropractic medicine differs from other kinds of medicine, how it works and the unique chiropractic approach at PTSMN. For PTSMN members interested in making an appointment to see Dr. Pappenfus or any other provider at the PTSMN Family Health & Wellness Centers, please call: 651-348-8851 .
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