The Back View episode 7 - Phil White

Oct 19, 2020, 09:10 AM

You might assume that commercial insurance is dull; but you’d be very wrong, as Phil White proves as he reflects on his career with Ian Jones, of Backhouse Jones.
He talks about how insurance was “in the family DNA” and the best and worst advice he’s received.
He looks at the changes in IT and working at Lloyds of London in the 1980s, along with changes in IT for vehicles and how this means operators can avoid being “sitting targets.”
He recalls the development of brokerage Belmont, and its transition to Gallagher as well as the practical application of insurance and risk assessment – with an amusing tale of how it could have all gone very wrong during a visit to Chicago.
He also votes for his favourite after-dinner speaker (and the worst), talks about the best times in business and, curiously, the long-running soap Cheers…