Eric Zane Show Podcast Ep 448 Honoring Mom by getting back to work

Oct 20, 2020, 03:11 PM

A daily (M-F), rant-filled comedy podcast to discuss news, nonsense and Eric's personal adventures.

*Well, my mother has been laid to rest.  I'm invigorated with her spirit to "do what I do."  I dedicate this show to her memory.  I'm blessed with drive that I owe to her.  Thank you, Mom.
*Lots of "thank yous" and whatnot to open along with some of the moments told to you that took place during the days leading up to the passing and funeral for mom.
*Kidney donation update.
*CNN contributor Jeff Toobin was busted
masturbating while on ZOOM with a number of co workers present. 
*Fat teen's
ankle pulverized in muppitty crunchitty crackola-fest
*EZSP product food review:  Banza Chickpea Pasta
*Kansas teenager covers himself in
ranch dressing, vandalizes store, crashes car.  I made a phone call to the place where it all happened.  Results?  Predictable.
*I think we can tell who
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are going to be voting for?  Hot mic catches supposed not for air conversation.
*Woman on red eye flight woke up to find dude, who's s pastor of a church,
peeing on her.
*My Mom wrote me a letter that took her 20 years to write.  I was given it and told it was meant to be read after she passed.  It's amazing and I'll treasure it forever.

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