Mubadala’s Ibrahim Ajami on venture investment strategy in 2020

Oct 21, 02:00 AM
Ibrahim Ajami joins Kelsey Warner this week to talk about Mubadala's technology investment strategy in a year unlike any other. The head of ventures at Abu Dhabi’s strategic investment fund is looking at 25-year time horizons, longer than the typical private equity investor, and looking for ways to build bridges between Abu Dhabi and tech hubs around the world.

In this episode:
Mubadala and Silver Lake (0m 44s)
The 25-year Investment Strategy (6m 50s)
How was 2020 significant to Mubadala? (9m 00s)
Will the lessons we learnt from the pandemic stick? (14m 10s)
The UAE-Israel $3 billion Abraham Fund (16m 03s)
The Ajami Foundation for Beirut (17m 14s)

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