Eric Zane Show Podcast Ep 449 NASA nerds land on an asteroid and I'm giddy

Oct 21, 03:04 PM

A daily (M-F), rant-filled comedy podcast to discuss news, nonsense and Eric's personal adventures. Want to advertise?

*I know life is getting back to normal around the EZSP house when I'm getting sass! 
*I'm thinking about implementing a new parenting technique based on what how my mother parented me.  It's basically the, "you figure it out yourself" approach. 
*For the time being, I'm not doing much of any gathering with people.  I have a renewed concern for COVID.
*Chris Pratt is getting picked on and
other celebs are rushing to his defense.  This whole thing seems absurdly childish.
*The defense attorney for the morons who wanted to kidnap the governor of Michigan is going with the
"my clients are morons who like to play army and say bad things" defense.
*Dear Meathead brought to you by JM Synthetics.
*Meathead's Marketplace!  Dad's chainsaw is for sale. 
Click to check it out!
*The Mayor of a town near where Trump visited here in Michigan got a nasty letter from some big mouth.  Mayor decides to post the screen shots so that the world will try to cancel it here.  IMO...definitely two wrongs in this story.
*EZSP Celestial Excitement brought to you (BTYB) MB Distributing.  We sent a craft 200 million miles into space to rendezvous with a sky scraper sized asteroid.  We actually
landed on the fucker and grabbed asteroid dirt off the thing.

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