The little Witch on my Train (Part 2)

Oct 21, 2020, 05:58 PM
“Move your knees, would you!” She is staring down at me impatiently. I look at every other burgundy seat on the train. They’re empty. She’s eying the one by my side. “You don’t very well expect a woman of my magnitude to sit alone, do you? Will you stand aside and take my things! Or must I sit on top of you!” I have the sudden urgent need to break into song. But that is just pure absurdity. I let her pass over me, take her bag and lay it in the isle. “I hadn’t noticed I was alone. I thought I was running from something. Darkness is crawling through this place. Black rust is dripping out of your eyes. What are you made of exactly? Why have I come for you? Why am I the chosen one? My weakness is my strongest attribute. I cry so much! I’m nearly useless in this fight. I have a whip. An Australian made bull whip, this is my weapon of choice! How should I protect you? ”
            “Protect me! Ha! This is going to be the longest trip I’ve ever taken. I’ve only just met you and already you’re fucking whining. What a brat you are! I have come to hold you steady, Juniper. My love is your weapon. I don’t need your protection. And I definitely don’t need your pathetic man-made weapons. Yes, you look drop dead beautiful in all black, walking beside me, through Balboa Park, at two in the morning. The hat and the whip alone make waiting to take you home impossible. But don’t kid yourself baby, we both know that as soon as the door closes, the whip is in my hands and you are on your knees screaming. I fold time into itself and blend colors from one dimension into another. I prove dreams are everlasting and waking up isn’t necessary. I speak and it is all as I say. It is I who protects you Juniper Sage. Don’t you forget it!”
            “Jade. Don’t you remember anything? I’m forgetful. I’m singing in French. I’m not sure why. Where are we going?” She sighs in the same language I’m singing. “Stop asking questions. Pay attention. This is the part where my mum insists I leave you. Don’t be afraid. Read in between the lines. This is a matter of personal interest. You left something behind that I intend on returning.” I stop speaking. The train stops in Palm canyon, between the bench and the first archer’s mound. A thick mist fills my guts and starts seeping out the corners of my mouth. “I don’t want to look.” I whisper. “That’s because you’ve let go of my hand, sweet boy; this time we’re going all the way to the river. No one on this earth has the power to pull me off sooner than you intend to you. You can open your eyes. Nothing can hurt you if you allow the freedom inside. Free yourself with the truth that’s already in you. Without the fear of death, you cannot be killed. I am the only one who can take your life from you. And I will set everything to flame before I let one drop of blood drop from your porcelain skin. You have nothing to be afraid of. The fear was injected without your permission. You have the means of extraction in the palm of your hand.” I stare into my lap. There’s a little pink Pig called Portia staring up at me with little black beating eyes. Jade’s hands are folded around mine. “I will face your demons. I will take what is mine.” I stand and unstrap my whip from my belt. Portia falls off her bed. I crack the leather strapped to my wrist. I whine. I haven’t felt pain this sharp in a long time. I start crying again. “You said you wouldn’t let me bleed.”
            “I said I wouldn’t let one drop go to waist baby.” She smears my naked vertebrae with burgundy. “I wont discard what you offer up to me, my love. But this is a painful story. I cannot spare you the vivid details because you have an aversion to pornography. This isn’t a memory, this is time bending before me.”
I’m on my tummy. I bend my knees and lift my naked ass to an empty room. The blinds are closed. It’s early afternoon at most. There’s a dragon on my windowsill. The sun isn’t what you think it is anymore, be careful. I’m crying. “This is all I’m really good for, storytelling and fucking myself to the thought of stealing. I’m not really interested in your opinion. I stay away from the light of day. Want to play in the dark with me? You should see midnight’s reaction to my body dancing alone in the garden guarding The Old Globe. It’s hardly a garden. Mostly a cobblestone stage and a few empty benches.”
            Jade’s mother enters the scene. The train catches fire. The pig is screaming on the yoga mat with a stuffed whale and baby dolphin. The dragon begins breathing in a language I don’t speak fluently yet. “Please tell me there is a 3rd part to this horror story, because I can’t move baby.” She is staring at her mum. The silhouette is staring at me. I scream, “She’s staying with me!”