Big Rivals Change & Messi Review #W3

Oct 21, 2020, 10:27 PM
Andy AJ3 returns! After a lengthy absence (training to become a pro streamer) the podcast's favourite Toffee returns to the fold! Meanwhile Steve, TheFUTCoach, buys himself a Lionel to rescue his Weekend League. They join Ben to discuss:
  • Big Rivals Weekly Score changes shake up the modes
  • All the Everton content
  • OTW action
  • Ben's weekly Shadow and fast CB pep talk!
  • Andy's Jota Review
  • Steve's Messi Review
  • The problem (or is it?) with FUT Live Friendlies skill based matchmaking
  • Much more!

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  • Importance of skill moves
  • Why they aren't as hard as you think to learn
  • Marcus on his go to Road To Glory budget players
  • 433(5) False 9 in Weekend League 
  • How to handle the running fake shot
  • Shots from outside the box
  • Manual heading and what cross or pass to play
  • Plenty more gameplay chat!