An Out Of Control Lorry

Oct 21, 11:15 PM

Bonkers BBC drama plots, potentially good Netflix plots, and World Chess Championship breakaway plots all feature this week. Lots of plotting. Yes.

What links The Walking Dead, the linguistic properties of the letter Y, and Taoism? Why, this episode of course. There's also a healthy amount of actual chess chat for once including the 1993 World Championship, draw offer etiquette, and the distant opposition.

0:00 Intro
7:09 Hugh's Views
8:09 Phil has a quiz and feedback
11:55 The News (Aronian goes to war, Candidates, Firouzja losing)
19:01 The Queen's Gambit on Netflix
21:00 Christory (Short vs Kasparov, 1993)
32:40 Martin Justesen reads the laws of chessĀ 
35:11 Jon doesn't have a silly question
38:35 Phil has a quiz answer