Behind-the-scenes of our 'Mix Up Midweek with Perfect Pulled Pork' campaign

Oct 23, 2020, 09:00 AM
Did you know, we invest over £19m in marketing and export development every year?

According to YouGov, typically in the UK, marketing budgets currently account for 9.3% of overall company revenue. Today we speak about the latest campaign, 'Mix Up Midweek with Perfect Pulled Pork', designed to increase pork consumption and overall sales, in the UK.
Pig producers, have you ever wondered how much of your levy is invested in marketing and simply why? We know marketing is important, as it helps to cut through the noise and bring pork at the front and centre of our consumer minds. 
This podcast takes a behind the scenes look at the Pulled Pork marketing campaign. I’m John Bates and today we welcome key specialists, who divulge into how we work with stakeholders, influencers, retailers and food specialists to ensure pork is always on everyone's shopping list:

  • AHDB’s Senior Marketing Manager, Gareth Renowden, 
  • Senior Account Manager, Stasha Napior-Kowska and 
  • Denise Spencer-Walker Food Communications Manager

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