The Ambition Hour Podcast- Episode 143: Its Entertainment ft. Ty Sterlin

Oct 24, 2020, 04:00 AM
Welcome Kings and Queens to Episode 143! This week we have the pleasure of having Comedian and Actor Ty Sterlin in the building! We spoke about how Comedy has helped him with his mental health, when he knew that he likes making people laugh, his favorite comedians, and how the pandemic has affected his work as a stand up comedian. We also brought back an OG question and asked him which Drake project he liked more; Nothing was the Same or Take Care (Big clue Audi was happy with his response). Ty also shares the advice he would give his 17 year old self, how Audi taught him to speak things into existence, and how he will be doing comedy for his entire life because that's what makes him happy. There were many laughs throughout the entire episode but you have to tune in to catch em all.
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