PHD MENA - Revealing the secret sauce of an effective SEO & SEM strategy

Episode 5,  Oct 26, 2020, 05:00 AM

PHD’s SEO Lead, Ron Sarweh and Head of Strategy, Daniel Shepherd explore the complex yet mind-blowingly effective impact of an SEO strategy on building brand's exposure online. Without revealing too much of Ron's secret sauce, the two media experts discuss how small tweaks to your website can have huge, long-lasting results.

Our 5th episode takes a look under the bonnet and at the truth engine that is search. Curious about how your brand can win and make the algorithm work for you? We all know that it is a battle between bots and humans when it comes to achieving optimum search engine rankings. So how exactly can SEO & SEM be synergized? Listen to Ron and Dan in this new episode as they reveal the 'need-to-knows' to win at your SEO & SEM strategy.