EP:07 Patrick Wanis - Pursuing Your True Calling & Generating Psychological Capital

Oct 27, 02:40 PM

Today we welcomed Behaviour and Relationship expert Patrick Wanis, PhD who is known for developing SRTT (Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique) and is now creating change for many across the globe. We took a look at finding your purpose in life, the opportunity for change and redefining what you hold valuable and pursuing your true calling after the pandemic.

Many people were forced into situations where they lost jobs or business opportunities, which may have seemed like negatives - however we explore that these may in fact be positives, allowing you to follow your passions and purpose in this world.

Patrick explained the power of self-talk and how shifting our outlook and methods of talking to ourselves can help us break free from limitations. He also explores where these limitations may have originated from and the surprisingly simple ways of breaking free from the chains we put on ourselves.

How do you create psychological capital? How do you make the shift from pessimism to optimism? How do you create an abundance mindset?