9 Step CHECKLIST Before You Release A New Single

Oct 27, 2020, 03:44 PM
Promoting a new release is all about driving maximum AWARENESS before the song comes out. 
When you don't grab people's attention in the pre-release phase, anything you do on release day makes driving TRAFFIC to your new music even harder. 
If you feel confused what to do before you release a song or how to announce a single there are some big DON'Ts that I've shared in this video so make sure you stay til the very end for the full checklist! 
To make your Pre-Marketing journey easier, I've made a 9 Step Checklist before you release your new single. We're going to go from how to announce a single at the beginning right up until Release Day (get ready for part 2 coming next week). 
  1. Track Announcement
  2. Audio Snippet
  3. Spotify For Artists Pitching Form
  4. Reskin Social Branding
  5. Daily Story Animations
  6. Video Trailer
  7. Pre-recorded performance
  8. FB & IG Live
  9. Out Now Announcement 

When you are releasing music HOW LONG do you leave yourself between the track announcement and the song out now on streaming services? Let me know in the comments below please! 

A lot of musicians ask me how to release a single independently and my answer is always simple. DO NOT slow down on the pre-marketing because you are afraid of annoying your audience. 

Go hard even if nobody seems to be listening and keep pushing! 

Best of luck for your next single release!!