"What Gives Girl's The Ick"?! On The Cards Podcast

Episode 5,  Oct 27, 2020, 06:56 PM

On The Cards podcast is a show where me and the gsdem discuss whatever topics come up in the deck of playing cards. These topics can vary from funny to serious, but regardless we give our unfiltered truths and try to give as many different viewpoints as possible. So sit back with a sweet one (and maybe a little Sunday roast) and let us give you some free entertainment to make your Sunday a little bit better. Follow me on insta @dario_oreilly

Disclaimer: In this episode, there are a few techincal issues regarding the  audio. :(

On the fifth EP of OTC, we ask the questions everyone wants to know. Thoughts on plastic surgery? Is it worth the p’s? What about if it looks dead after? Do Chipmunk & Stormzy need to grow up with the diss tracks? My production team threw in a few topics too; our worst pet peeves, what gives us the “ick” with the opposite gender and discrimination in the UK.